Tosmur is Alanya's district located between Oba and Kestel areas of the city and is almost immersed in greenery, orange gardens, and picturesque groves. The center of Alanya is just 5 km away from Tosmur. Tosmur district is located in a picturesque area of Alanya and is in the embrace of the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains, and the mountain Dim river, which always attracts the tourists from all over the world. Even in those times when the thermometers reach the maximum values and the heat is at its peak, the area is blown through by the light wind and the river gives a refreshing coolness to both the tourists and the residents. Over the years, the locals have come to this place next to the Dim river to escape the heat of summer. The water temperature in the river does not exceed 15 degrees. The Dim river is well equipped with a beautiful waterfront. The tourists and the locals enjoy deliicous lunches by placing themselves comfortably upon the floating rafts. For those who really want to cool off, there is refreshing swimming in the river that is arranged. The mountains and the green forests that surround Tosmur simply beckon a person to go for a hike. There are beautiful beaches in the district and amazingly equipped embankments where you can walk safely all year long. The Tosmur area has an excellent infrastructure for a comfortable life. There are supermarkets, bakeries, fish shops, farmers' markets, banks, schools, kindergartens, private and public medical clinics, sports clubs and playgrounds, as well as a huge number of parks and the areas for active and secluded recreation. This is a rapidly developing district with the most democratic real estate property prices. For several years only, Tosmur has turned from the outskirts of Alanya city into a prestigious and a fashionable area. The district is partially located on a hill, which makes it possible for the property owners to receive a stunning panoramic view from the balconies of apartments. It is one of the reasons why the property in Tosmur is so popular among foreigners. Any property acquired in this area has a high rental potential. You will be surrounded by tranquility and beauty of the pristine nature, so you will be able to fully enjoy the rural way of life. Do not forget that Tosmur is almost in the center of the city! In the next few years, they are planning to build a tunnel underneath the Dim river, which will make it possible to abandon the route along the sea and significantly expand the embankment. Without a doubt, it will only entail a significant increase in property prices in the future.

TIP: A current time period is the best time for buying of property in Tosmur district because it is the time when you can still see the old prices. The district is famous for its respectable high-rise buildings that are located in a cozy and comfortable neighborhoods. We can only recommend buying real estate property in this district for permanent residence and subsequent leasing.