The Konakli district is an area in the west of Alanya. It is hidden between Miditerranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. It is quite a quiet and a very cozy place with quiet streets. All over the place one can sense a unique relaxing atmosphere. There are many restaurants, squares, parks, recreation areas for children and adults in the district, there is a golf club, entertainment clubs, discos, and the stadiums. There is an amusement park and a go-kart track. Special attention should be paid to the public parks with pavilions, fountains, and trampolines for the children. The area is famous for its beaches, orange groves, and the tropical pines. All conditions for recreation and entertainment are fully met here. This district of Alanya is located in the picturesque countryside where you will be fully able to enjoy an environment of a local village life. There are many agricultural enterprises in this area, so the fresh products of these enterprises will always be on your table at the lowest prices ever available in the region. The main road of the coast lies through the Konakli center. Thanks to this, the work of the city transport is perfectly adjusted for everyone's needs. As soon as you need it, it will only take around 10 minutes and you are already in the center of Alanya. It should be noted that this area is rapidly developing and is very promising for investing and purchasing of villas and apartments for year-round life.