The central district of the city called Kleopatra is one of the most popular places among foreigners who have decided to purchase property on the banks of the Turkish Riviera. The representatives of different nationalities communicate here in a friendly environment. The attention of potential real estate clients or property buyers is always focused on the local sightseeing - the Kleopatra beach, which is not only famous for the "blue flag", but also for its rich history, delightful soft sand, convenient entrance to the sea, and well-developed infrastructure. The pride of the area and the beach are: the embankment with a fabuluous promenade area, a magnificient park, children's playground that are arranged with love and care, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball spots, outdoor simulators for physical exercises, fantastic fountains, cozy cafes, bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants, and the bars. The bike lanes are laid through all direction of the district, at every step you take you can truly enjoy the object of structures related to the urban genre. On the year-round flower beds and green lawns of Alanya, you can meet cheerful, romantic, and a bit strange figures and compositions made of stone that are placed basically everywhere. In the walking distance there are supermarkets, shops with the most famous brands readily available, well-known trade networks, aqua park, museums, theaters, banks, numerous oriental shops, night clubs, and, of course, the restaurants for every taste and budget. Kleopatra is one of city's districts where the famous Oriental bazaar takes place. The traffic in this area is limited, which makes it possible to fully enjoy the clean air of the park and the freshness of the sea breeze. As soon as you become a property owner in Kleopatra district, you receive an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the central area while still being surrounded by excellent nature. The region has all the various types of real estate for every taste and purse. Real estate in this area is popular due to a lack of undeveloped land, as well as the restriction rules related to construction in height, namely, being limited by five floors height only. Additionally, this area has a magnificient transport interchange! Thanks to the excellent work of city's transport, you can quickly and easily reach basically anywhere in the city, visit excursions, and just travel not far from the place of your residence.