The central district of the city, also known as Alanya Center is one of the most popular areas in Alanya, which is not surprising at all! Buying property in this area means living next door to the famous Alanya Fortress, which is the main attraction of the city. Even from the windows and the balcony of your house, you can always enjoy the magnificient city, the mountains, and the sea scenery. Right in front of you, as if on the palm of your hand, there will be an amazing view on a beach with the golden sand and a bright blue of the sea, the emerald green of the gardens and parks, and, finally, the lights of the night city, which is a sight to live for... an idyllic panorama without a doubt! Life in this luxurious area is very quiet, calm, and measured despite the fact that it is a center of the city! One of teh reasons why it is so is that there is a minimum of traffic, so being in Alanya center one remains at a certain elevation and distance from the urban bustle since there are no too dense high-rise buildings. Yet, it is exactly why this central district is so attractive because at any moment you can quickly and easily get to the very heart of a cheerful and noisy city life where everything you will ever need is always at hand. There are supermarkets, famous brand chains, oriental farmers' markets, souvenir shops and fancy boutiques, banks, medical institutions, theaters and the museums, water parks and sports grounds, various entertainment for the children, bakeries, cafes, nightclubs, and discos. You can always enjoy the views of a small bay and the seascapes, dining in one of many restaurants that have colourful and unforgettable designs. In the center of Alanya, there are round-the-clock entertainment events taking place. Do not forget that you can always enjoy the walks along the embankment of the port where the famous Red Tower and the Magic Lighthouse are located through which there pass the majestic ships and the sailsboats, graceful yachts and schooners, the tourist and the fishing boats. In the northern part of the district, there is a picturesque green zone where the the modern and newly-built buildings take place with their cozyly arranged and beautiful gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds for the children, sports grounds and clubs, municipal parks, cinemas, and beautiful recreation areas.

TIP: We recommend you to take a closer look to this luxurious city's district where you can fully meet your most exquisite and expensive requests regarding buying of property. You can also choose a part of the district where there is a multi-level location of the buildings, which allows to save space and still receive some truly amazing panoramic views. Remember that you can always choose a cozy residential complex if you are the family with the children where everyone can find something special and simply live a happy life in Turkey. One should consider the proximity to the best beach of the Turkish Riviera - the Kleopatra Beach, all of historical sights of the city being at hand, and the famous healing Damlatas cave. In addition, buying a property in the center of Alanya, whether it is a small apartment, a luxury villa or a boutique-like apartment at a democratic price - remember that you are always investing your money reasonably!