Oba district of Alanya is one of the most luxurious and picturesque areas of the city. Oba is a luxurious and fashionable area, starting approximately at a distance of 3km from the center of Alanya. This area is famous for its developed infrastructure, a large number of green parks, sports grounds and recreational areas for all ages. In walking distance there are main shopping centers and supermarkets of the city, as well as the banks, schools, and the medical institutions. Oba is a very green area where everything is quiet and cozy with low-storey constructions (no higher than 5 floors). There are no construction or industrial zones in Oba. The matters of comfortable recreation and rest of the residents is taken with great care. There are numerous park zones created, the promenade zone and the embankment are made logically correct and in a very picturesque way. The authorities of the city have a creative approach as they carefully consider the design of each area. Basically allthe roads here are specially equipped with the wide sidewalks and ramps. The cycling lanes are laid through every place as well. The central streets in Oba are paved with cobblestones, here one can find restaurants, cafes, and amazing souvenir shops. The infrastructure of the Oba district continues to grow and develop all the time. Within walking distance one can find Alaniyum shopping center, Kota construction store, Metro supermarket, and a youth sports center. This district has numerous stadiums and tennis courts. In 2015 a private hospital called Bakent has been opened. There are many small squares in the Oba area. The city's streets are always happy to welcome farmers' markets. There is an excellent system of public transport, thanks to which the trip to city's center takes around 5-10 minutes. The beaches in Oba are sandy and pebbly, well-organized, and comfortable. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as beach cafes and the clubs. Entrance into the sea alternates flat sections and the plots with the stabs. Even during the storms the water remains clear and transparent all the time. The Oba district also has its own symbol - an orange. Oba is simply drowining in wild and cultivated oranges that grow literally everywhere. On Oba's streets grow oranges of all kinds and shapes, there are lemons, mandarins, and the grapefruits. A delicate aroma of blooming orange orchards is a visiting card of both spring and winter time Oba. The winter rains wash away the citrus fruits right into the river from the gardens, which carries them straight to the sea and out to the beaches. The sight and aroma it creates is truly difficult to forget! There is a main street that passes through the district, which is being locked from traffic and cars in summer evenings! There is live music sounding everywhere, people walk around and enjoy warm summer time, the beautiful carriages ride through the tiny eastern shops that call out to you all the time. There is a purest and fast-running mountain river called Oba Cay that runs through Oba area and flows into the sea. There are beautiful and shady squares, children's parks, outdoor physical simulators, luxury residential complexes that are stretched out along the banks of the river. Speaking of the Oba Cay river there are trout, carp, and eels there that you can both watch and fish if you wish so! No wonder that Oba district of ALanya is a favourite place for life and recreation among Europeans. Therefore, Oba is often called a European district of Alanya. The citizens of Europe, Great Britain, USA, as well as the citizens from all over the world prefer life in Oba for over 15 tears now and readily choose real estate objects here due to five-storey buildings limit and an abundance of cozy residential complexes with amazing swimming pools and picturesque gardens. Another important aspect is that security measures and safety of the residents is maintained at the highest level. The prices for real estate property in Oba are usually higher than in other areas of Alanya. It can be explained by the fact that there are basically no more free land left for construction, therefore, apartments have a huge commercial potential. We recommend buying an apartment in this area for a comfortable stay and a safe, enjoyable, and a truly interesting life throughout the year.