Kargicak is Alanya's low-rise and fast-growing seaside village district that is located around 15 km east of the center of Alanya. The district is comfortably located in a very picturesque area, surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests, banana plantations, orange gardens, olive groves, and relief hills. The area is very hilly and here begins the Taurus mountain range. The population of Kargicak is about five thousand people, the village has developed infrastructure (hotels, shops, children's and sports grounds, a weekly bazaar, schools, and kindergartens), a cozy and well-equipped center, and a new, picturesque promenade area (with outdoor exercise facilities) - it is an ideal place for hiking and cycling. The bus service in the area is very well-developed, - the distance to the nearest Gazipaa airport is less than 30 km, the distance to the center of Alanya by bus and public taxis is not challenging at all as the buses arrive literally every 5-10 minutes. You can reach the center of Alanya's cultural life in 20 minutes, and all the necessary infrastructure is available in the village itself. The beaches here are sparsely populated with soft and clear sea water. The resident of Kargicak district can enjoy magnificient scenery and breathe in invirogating healing cocktail of sea, mountain, and the forest air. The real estate in the area is represented mainly by villas and prestigious residences.

TIP: If you are looking for property in a secluded place in the bosom of nature, if you want to live a calm and comfortable life the way it can only be in the suburbs, but remain close to civilization at the same time, then choose an apartment or villa in Kargicak area. To buy an apartment here means to invest in a calm and a promising future!