The Mahmutlar district is about ten to fifteen kilometers from Alanya's city center. It is a dynamically developing region, which is officially recognized as the most developed area in terms of infrastructure: there are supermarkets, shops, markets, banks, schools, kindergartens, private and public medical clinics, sports clubs and playgrounds, a huge number of parks and areas for active and secluded recreation. The Mahmutlar district is considered an international one since it is inhabited by representatives of different countries. This area is especially pipular among the citizens of the CIS. The prices for real estate are very democrati since Mahmutlar is a little bit away from the center of the more popular resort areas of Alanya. Here in Mahmutlar there is all the charm of the resort of the Turkish Riviera that you can enjoy all year round! Once a person arrives in Mahmutlar, he or she can instantly sense a serene and a quiet environment. There are wide and spacious streets, squares, promenade areas and embankments, which are properly arranged for the people. The municipal authorities are carefully watching the landscaping of the area, which is truly filled with numerous flowers and the trees. The infrastructure is well developed and can only be praised enough! In walking distance from the residential complexes that we offer one can find supermarkets, shops, banks, pharmacies, numerous educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, bars, discos, sports grounds, and the stadiums. The best conditions are created for leisure time of the children, there are special sites being built all the time, various festivals and sports competitions take place for your enjoyment and fun. Still, one of the best sightseeing in this area is the Eastern Bazaar, which is held in Mahmutlar twice a week.

TIP: The property in this area has a large and a diverse choice of property with the most democratic prices. Mahmutlar is inhabited by representatives that come from the different countries. In Mahmutlar area one can find a truly friendly and caring environment where the residents feel like they belong to the same loving family of people. We recommend buying property in this region for recreation, full-time life and rentting. Mahmutlar is a calm and peaceful environment where the infrastructure is maximally developed, the beaches are clean and wide, the sea is gentle, and the landscapes are truly delightful.