The Construction Trends in the Real Estate Market of Alanya

Alanya in Turkey has only recently started to develop actively and to build up in terms of construction. Taking look at the old photos where the city appears in front of our eyes in a completely different guise, one can only realize with a great delight when thinking of all the range and tempos of development related to construction and design of infrastructure. Only thirty-forty years ago on the site of a modern and a cozy city, there was a small village where the main activity of the local residents was limited by management of agriculture. There were amazing groves of citrus trees, banana plantations, majestic olives, and the endless rows of greenhouses that gradually turned to modern residential complexes, hotels, parks, sport facilities, shopping centers, wide streets, and the complex and spacious public squares. The tourism became the main source of income for the locals as well as the main direction of development for not only the city, but for region as well.


When one considers the development pace of the real estate market in Alanya, one can see it from the very beginning that the city was originally built up with the residential complexes that provided apartments for the Turkish citizens who saw Alanya as an inexpensive holiday destination on the Mediterranean coast. Most of the house were built at the seaside, the families from the neighboring regions would come to have a nice holiday time. At that period of time, they tried to save on the quality of construction and on the finishing. Yet, today, the real estate market in such complexes, but with a major modern renovation, one can find the most inexpensive options of a secondary real estate market in Alanya.


Let's go back to history now. The tourists from German simply fell in love with Alanya. They were exactly the ones who who have built the first modern hotel for the tourists in 1958, the tourists who were coming from Germany for the most part. The German started to build hotels in the center of the city, most often they were so called "hotel-apartments" without an all-inclusive system, as well as residential houses for foreigners. Only a bit of time has passed and the lots of Germans seeking holidays in Alanya became the best advertisement for the city, as the citizens from the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway went out to explore Alanya's coast on a road that was previously paved by the German tourists. The citizens of Ireland have to be noted separately. They managed to buy out a fairly large number of apartments, implemented impressive investments in the construction of new housing complexes, hotels, and the restaurants. Alanya attracted and still attracts people today with its mild climate, gentle sun, warm sea, incredibly friendly and open local people coming from the different countries. All of these factors, combined togeteher, as well as the huge investment prospects of teh region make Alanya an uncontested choices not only for comfortable living and recreation, but also for successful businesses.


It is important to consider some features of construction of residential complexes for foreigners that date ten years ago. The apartments (2+1) were built with far greater area (120-130 sq.m). Virtually no attention was paid in the project of houses that were built to apartments that consisted of two rooms (1+1), as well as to one-room apartments, known as "studios". The interior works strived for quality and durability of the "luxury" class apartments: marble countertops, floors and the stairs, expensive finishing in the maximum number of details. In the complexes, (not counting an obligatory presence of the pool) there appeared children's playgrounds, gazebos, recreation areas, tennis courts, and the spacious gardens that amazed visitors by its rare beauty and space.


The main trends of the modern stage of construction are marked by the rapid development of the new city's districts. For example, in the Oba district, the central regon, which is so beloved by Europeans, it is now hardly possibly to find a free land for construction today. It is exactly because of that the construction companies have launched construction works in the districts where there are still several free territories, as they move in breadth and depth in their works.

For example, the western district of Alanya called Avsallar, in which the buyers are attracted by a sandy beach and picturesque landscapes, is actively being built up. The modern residential complexes try to keep their prices low, while they do their best to avoid saving on quality. Two-bedroom apartments (2+1) in this area, when the talk is of new houses, can be picked starting from 55 thousand euros.

Speaking of the easternmost part of Alanya called Cargicak, there is a massive development and rapid growth of infrastructure. Yet, the prices in this area are slightly higher. The increase in prices happens due to excellent view characteristics of both apartments and the villas in the area. The construction in this region is taken mostly by housing complexes and luxurious villas.

Once again, we would like to remind you to look at the picturesque Avsallar district, which is located to the west from Alanya's center and is being actively developed. The quarters of the given district are built with the help of low-rise buildings of a "luxury" class as they build comfortable and eleegant complexes of villas (townhouses). The streets of this particular district are taken by the mansions and villas of various number of storeyes, squares, and architecture with the year-round flowering gardens. In this area one can find high-end real estate options at the most democratic prices.


Speaking of construction works into the depth of the city, there are works being led leading to the side of the mountains. There is a rapid development pace in Bektas and Tepe areas. The construction works are mostly limited by private houses and the villas. It should be noted that Hasbahche region, which is located above the center of Alanya to the side of the mountains, as an exclusive choice option for unique real estate objects. Most often, Turkish citizens prefer this particular area for permanent residence. Do not forget that it is quite easy and quick to reach the center of Alanya from this particular district. As a result, it only increases the prestige of this area. However, the prices for real estate objects in this district is quite high, which is due to the following factors: low-rise construction, excellent views and quality characteristics, and proximity to the center of Alanya.

There appeared a great number of apartments with "1+1" layout (two-room apartments) in the modern real estate market of new apartments, and also "1+0" (studio apartments). There are active construction works in the complexes where they sell inexpensive one-room apartments of an average capacity area. The talk goes of one-room apartments that are 30-40 sq.m., and two-room "1+1" apartments (one bedroom with a combined kitchen) that are from 40 to 60 sq.m. Such real estate options are especially popular for small families and the couples.


The general trend (which has only recently outlined itself) on reducing the area of apartments being offered covers not only the apartments of 1+1 and 1+0 options, but also implies reducton in the area of three-room apartments known as "2+1" in the new projects. For example, the construction of 2008 offered two-bedroom apartments "2+1" for the real estate market in Alanya by offering an area of 120-140 sq.m., several balconies, and two bathrooms. Speaking for the new complexes built in 2016-2018, the area of three0room apartments is 90-110 sq.m.. This particular trend is explained by the fact that the land is becoming more and more expensive. Developers and construction companies are forced to build more apartments in the house by reducing the total area of the real estate objects being offered.


As the time went by, there started to appear luxurious complexes with an expanded infrastructure. The construction of complexes with the tennis courts and indoor swimming pools became popular. For example, an indoor swimming pool is relevant in winter since Alanya has a warm sunny winter, but swimming in the sea or in an outdoor swimming pool can be a bit chilly for some people. Having an indoor swimming pool in winter, the residents can have a great rest in Alanya not only during the active "swimming season". Also, there are serious chances coming up for renting of an apartment in winter. The construction companies deal with the land prices increase in a very clever way: the apartments are being planned at slightly smaller areas, the share of 1+1 and 1+0 apartments is being increased, the possibilities of infrastructure are being expanded, and, finally, there are conditions being created for the complex to be usable and comfortable all year long. Even without having a large territory of the complex, the construction companies pay their attention to the first and zero floors of the buildings by allocating enough space for the "social zone" where one can find a heated indoor pool, sauna, modern gym, Turkish bath, massage rooms, and small compartments for pantries belonging to owners of each apartment.


Internal and external finishing and decoration of the buildings, complexes, and apartments is created under the aegis of the use of the new and high-quality materials with the use of original approaches and techniques of design art. Strict, rich forms, and the colours started to prevail in the interior decoration. The built-in kitchen furniture is made of more modern materials, the lockers use "fine-tuning" system, modern granite surfaces are being installed in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. In lighting installations, they use a mixture of classic chic elements with the modern systems of multi-level ceilings that represent intricate highlights. In several complexes they provie a "warm heated floor" system. In addition, the system of sound insulation is greatly improved, as well as the thermal insulation and ventilation systems. It is very popular in the modern residential complexes to install classical fireplaces on the balconies. Such approach provides additional coziness and a certain serenity to a modern home in a big city.