In this section of our web site, we have tried to answer to the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our clients. Our goal is to cover up the entire range of topics that interest people starting from all the peculiarities of buying property in Turkey, to approximate prices for the property, business, and the ownership rules. We will tell you what is TAPU, what is Aidat, how to install this and that, what are these strange "barrels" on the roofs in Alanya, how and where to learn Turkish, where to turn to register your property, and many more! We are hoping that given information will become useful for you and will be a good start for all of you as you explore information presented below. Remember that you can always turn to us for help and professional consulting. Our specialists are always ready to offer their support in terms of legislation, daily life, and cultural matters.

Can I buy an apartment in Turkey? How can it be done?

Yes, you can. All people from the Arab countries, Europeans, British and American people can buy property in Turkey. As a first measure, one should receive a tax number in Turkey. Next, you receive Tapu, which is your document that speaks of you as of a property owner. The governmental agent needs your passport, tax number, and 2 photos for your application. The transaction and all the paper work usually takes 1-2 days. The governmental office provides you with the confirmation document where the seller and the buyer receive information and all the necessary documents at the same time. The Tapu document cost is paid to the bank before the time and date of your appointment. Finally, the buyer and the seller sign the papers about the sale transaction in the presence of an interpreter at the Tapu office. The procedure is applicable for both the seller and the buyer.

It should be noted that more than one person's name an be included in the Tapu document for the same apartment or a villa. These people do not have to be from the same family.

What factors determine the value of the real estate in Alanya?

The cost of real estate in Alanya depends and varies, first of all, on the location of the house or a residential complex. It is important to consider such factors as distance from the sea, view from the windows, number of storeys, availability of additional services, and level of equipped territory of the complex. Our specialists are ready to provide detailed information regarding formation of the real estate prices, which will allow you to properly assess and understand all the benefits of each proposal.

How can I buy land in Alanya? Is it the same prodecedure as it is with apartments?

The land sales in Turkey are divided by two types of sales and property types.

Arsa = land: It is located in the city center, vilages, and the towns. The zone plan, the construction of the property is ready to be made on the zone plan. Foreigners are allowed to start with the procedure then. If there is no foreigner sale in another area on the same city block, then a permission should be obtained from the Aegean Army Office (Ege Ordu Komutanl). This procedure takes about a month. We are ready to do this work for you.

Tarla = field: This type of property is suitable for agriculture and the land that is allocated for agriculture works. Foreigners cannot own this type of land as property. They need to have an active and registered company in Turkey, so it can be bought on company's name and property. Opening of a company in Turkey usually takes 3 weeks at most and only after that the company becomes an active status. A permission is necessary from the governorship in order to receive TAPU. This process takes approximately 45 days.

For what reason, many seemingly similar properties in Alanya differ for the price?

In this case, the pricing policy directly depends on the quality of the materials used during construction, the area of the territory, location, distance from the sea, the presence of a view towards the sea or the mountains, the number of floors, the proximity of important instructions of the city, and, more importantly, the level and status of the complex itself.

What is the standard for finishing of completed property in Alanya?

A distinctive feature of the delivery of finished property objects in Alanya is complete decoration and finishing, meaning that it is the "turnkey" delivery of each property. The price, as a rule, includes installed kitchen furniture (cabinets), partially or fully integrated and well-established house appliances and air conditioners, which is especially important for comfortable living in Turkey.

What are the standards that are used in Alanya during construction works?

Turning to the legislation in this matter, we are pleased to report that all over the coast of Turkey, the construction works are made of solid reinforced concrete, which is the only permitted option for construction works. We would like to note that the quality of all the concrete works is constantly and strictly controlled by special governmental offices where all the requirements of safety and ecology are strictly controlled. In addition, the use of bricks for work with non-bearing walls and partitions is allowed. The use of concrete panels is strictly prohibited.

What determines the duration of construction in Alanya?

The length and timing of construction works in Alanya depend primarily on the construction company, but on the average, the duration of the construction varies from 6 to 8 months for the construction of a multi-apartment residence or a villa in Turkey, and from one to two years for construction of a residential complex. In this case, it depends on characteristics of the territory and availability of infrastructure.

What rights does the person owning the property in Turkey can receive?

If you have a document on the ownership of the acquired property, you have a right to obtain a residence permit in Turkey for up to 5 years. If it is necessary and after the expiration of this period, you can make a request for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

What list of documents is required and should be made available to purchase a property in Turkey?

You should only have only your foreign passport with you. All the list of the other documents is registered on the site when you are already in Turkey. By turning to our specialists, you will immediately receive all the necessary legal advice and an accessible information regarding all the stages of buying and registering of your future property.

Are there any difficulties in opening of an account with a Turkish bank and what is necessary for it?

The procedure of opening of an account with a Turkish bank is quite simple. You need to get a tax ID at the local tax office and have a valid foreign passport with you. Once you can provide these documents, it becomes possible to apply for one of the branches of the Turkish bank where the process of opening an account in the chosen currency will only take around 30 minutes in total. After you open an account with a Turkish bank, you will receive a plastic card that will allow you to make various payments only in local currency (Turkish Lira).

Is it possible to purchase real estate in Turkey by installments?

Yes, such option is possible. In the case of buying an apartment that is already complete, you get a minimum installment of 3 to 6 months time period. In a case of acquisition of house under construction, you can receive interest-free installments until the completion of construction or even for a longer period at a low-interest condition from the construction company.

What is the tax when buying property in Turkey?

The tax is 4% of the cadastral value of the property specified in the Certificate of Title Deeds (TAPU in Turkish). The cadastral value in Turkey, as a rule, is much lower than the declared market price.

What conditions should be met to ensure transparency of transaction when renting an apartment or villa in Alanya?

In order to make everything right, it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement with the landlord where all the conditions of the lease contract are clearly stated and explained. You should only apply to serious companies that have been in the real estate market of Turkey fo a long time and have already proved themselves to be safe and reliable. Of course, the most important aspect is granting of a license for this activity on the part of the company (real estate agency) and a presence of all the necessary documents (from the owner) for any kind of transaction. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with all the necessary information, keep you safe, and accompany you in any matter.

What it the procedure of purchasing property in Turkey?

TAPU Procedure:

Turkey is in great demand in terms of International Real Estate Business, being one of the most attractive investment areas. Turkey's special position geographically with its natural beauty, pure air and sandy beaches makes it a unique offer in terms of human recreation, tourism, and economy. Any sale of property and any purchase is a significant contribution in the global economy. The new legislation and regulations, relations with the European Union and special sale conditions make purchasing of property in Turkey even more profitable and attractive than ever before.

Considerable numbers of clients from Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Arab countries have purchases property in the southern coast of the country. Scandinavians and Germans choosing property in Alanya for the most part due to the perfect climate and recreation during all year long.

We would like to note that the TAPU document (property ownership document) differs for Turkish citizens and the foreigners. For the Turkish citizens, the Seller and the Buyer need to apply for the TAPU office in the morning time. After the application, a text message (SMS) should arrive from the TAPU office. The information in SMS message should direct Buyer and the Seller to deposit, tell of tuition fee to Halk Bankasi. After that the receipt should be brought to the appointed officer at the TAPU office again. In order to complete the application, the Seller and Buyer have to complete the deficiencies under the guidance of the Officer assigned, so the TAPU transfer deal can be performed and completed.

The Application TAPU Procedure differs for foreigners!!!

The Seller should apply to TAPU Office (TAPU Mdrl) with a written petition asking for preparation procedures for "Certificate of Permission for Sale" from the Aegean Army Command (Ege Ordu Komutanl). What is required is Seller's ID and the sketch of the map taken from municipality's office (TAPU office asks Municipality's, "Belediye" in Turkish, permission). It is an official petition that is requested in order to tell and confirm where the property is in. The TAPU office informs both Seller and the Buyer as soon as the answer from Municipality comes in. It is usually done via the mobile phone with a text message (SMS). The Seller applies for TAPU with "Certificate of Permission for Sale" from the Aegean Army Command. After handling of all the formalities and paperwork, the TAPU transfer (TAPU Devri) is made under supervision of licensed translator that speaks the language of a Buyer. Even if the Seller is a foreigner, there is a licensed translator who supervises and interpretes the Seller as well.

In addition, Buyer and Seller and give a letter of attorney to a third party person under the supervision and witnessing of a notary, which is also done under supervision of a licensed translator.

If you have any questions or more information on the matter, feel free to contact us by phone or email any time in the language of your preference, including Turkish, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

What is TAPU?

TAPU is a key document that is a certificate of ownership of real estate in Turkey.

Is it possible to form a TAPU document for two or more people?

Yes, it is possible. If it is necessary, a single TAPU is issued where the document indicates two or more owners of the property.

Is it possible to stay on the premises of the property that you have already purchased before you receive the TAPU document?

In most cases, the possibility depends on the agreement between the parties where the payment of %50 of the value of the object purchased acts as a guarantee on the part of the buyer and, accordingly, the possibility of residing on the territory of the acquired object before the recepeit of the TAPU document.

Who exactly is the land owner on which the property is built?

According to the Turkish legislation, the owners are all the holders of the TAPU document whose name is included. The share of the property itself from the common plot of the land is always indicated in the TAPU.

Can the relatives of the person who owns the property in Turkey obtain the right of a residence permit?

Yes, it is possible for the first line relatives in relation to the buyer of the real estate, namely, for the spouse or the children under 18 years of age. These persons have a right to obtain a residence permit when providing the documents confirming the relationship.

How can I receive Ikamet document? Can I register my family if I only own an apartment in Turkey?

Yes, you can get a residence permission document based on that (Ikamet). Your wife and the family can receive it as well. A marriage certificate and a birth certificate for the children are required.

Who exactly deals with the issues of checking the property in Turkey to find out if the particular object is not in the mortgage, debts, or property of another person?

This kind of checking is carried out with the help of your agent in the Cadastral Office at the place of acquisition of the property in the presence of the owner of the property that you are interested in.

Is it necessary to notarize the purchase contract in Turkey? In the case of Seller's not issuing a TAPU or the house is not yet in operation, will the contract between two parties still be a sufficient ground for the legal process in the country?

An appeal to a notary to verify the contract is not mandatory. Registration by a notary is not being a confirmation of the ownership transfer of the property to you. On the cadastrial department has a legal basis to register the transfer of the ownership. A treaty can be the basis for a legal process, but only if it is composed in Turkish language.

What is ISKAN and where can it be obtained? What is the significane of this document?

ISKAN is a document issued by the local municipality. The purpose of this document is to confirm that the property has been commissioned and complies with all the norms, legislation, and the standards of the Republic of Turkey.

Why is the real area of the purchased real estate object does not correspond to the area specified in the cadastral documents?

In Turkey, there is a following rule: it is necessary to indicate the total area of the housing (gross indicator) in the cadastral documents. Its calculation is the area of the floor divided by the number of apartments on the floor. Such practice takes place due to the fact that under the Turkish law, all the common premises, including staircases, elevator shafts, spans, etc, are private property of teh residents, therefore, it should be taken into account in the share of each owner of the given property. The same applies to the land itself on the territory of Turke, which are located on the site where the building is located.

How can I start a bussiness in Turkey?

There is no difference between opening a business for a company or for a person in Turkey. Alanya's Municipality, in particular, has developed special conditions in terms of required square meters when the talk goes of opening of a business place and property. The rental agreement is performed as soon as the necessary area, storage, shop facilities are found. Then all the necessary official documents and permissions are obtained.

Can I actually work in Turkey?

Yes, you can work in Turkey, but one of the companies based in the country has to make a work permission document for you.

Does obtaining a residence permit entitle you to work in Turkey?

No, an opportunity to work does not. Under the Turkish law, any work permit is issued separately and does not relate to the residence permit.

What is necessary to obtain a work visa / work permit?

This possibility can only be provided by the employer. In order to do this, the employer must fill all the required documents with the Turkish Ministry of Labour.

What is necessary to get a job in Turkey?

In order to officially and legally get a job in Turkey, it is necessary to obtain a work permit, which the employer must arrange in the first place. You need a valid passport, as well as the documents that include your application, which the employer must review, prepare, and submit to the Ministry of Labour of the country. Remember that a residence permit does not give you the right to work legally.

I own a property in Turkey. Is it possible to sell a part of the property to an adult son or a daughter so that there are no problems with a residence permit or with registration of a future or current inheritance?

Yes, you have a right and an opportunity to sell the part of a property to your adult son or a daughter, which will give you the right to obtain a residence permit as the owner of a property. Still, this operation has nothing to do with the registration of the inheritance itself.

Can I sell my posessions (real estate) when I want and can my family have it in case of my death?

Yes, you can sell all your property and posessions in Turkey at any time. In case of your death, it is being inherited by your children and your partner.

How can re-sale of apartments and villas be done?

Yes, it can be done. The prices of second-hand apartments in Alanya are quite affordable. Therefore, the sales are done very quickly. Please, contact our office directly to receive up-to-date information on the process and let us know your desired price range that you are looking for.

Is the presence of a company in Turkey and being in the role of its co-founder a sufficient basis for obtaining of a residence permit?

The presence of a registered company in Turkey is not a sufficient basis for obtaining of a residence permit. In this case, you have to apply to the Turkish Ministry of Labour for a work permit. The application itself can be reviewed from one to four months. The answer to the application can be both positive and negative, so it is extremely important to clearly and correctly provide all the necessary documents and correct information regarding your plans, personality, and activities.

Being an owner of real estate object in Turkey that is issued for the Turkish company, what taxes do I need to pay in the case of sale of this property?

In the event that the area of your property is legalized for a legal entity and is less than 150m2, you have to pay 1%, if it is sold, and also pay the income tax. If the area of a real estate object exceeds 150 sq.m., the payment is 18% VAT (denoted by the KDV abbreviation in Turkey), as well as pay an income tax.

How can I receive Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship can be received after 5 years from the time of your first application when you have applied for citizenship. Still, these rules can change, so please, contact us for updated information and the rules.

What are approximate second-hand prices for apartments and villas in Alanya?

Second hand apartments in Oba:

1+1 start from 30.000€ and up

2+1 start from 39.000€ and up

3+1 start from 49.000€ and up

Villa from: 80.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Cikcilli:

1+1 start from 35.000€ and up

2+1 start from 40.000€ and up

Villa from 130.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Tosmur:

1+1 start from 28.000€ and up

2+1 start from 37.000€ and up

3+1 start from 49.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Kestel:

1+1 start from 39.000€ and up

2+1 start from 47.000€ and up

3+1 start from 60.000€ and up

Villa from 90.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Mahmutlar:

1+1 start from 25.000€ and up

2+1 start from 30.000€ and up

3+1 start from 49.000€ and up

Villa from 80.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Kargcak:

1+1 start from 35.000€ and up

2+1 start from 45.000€ and up

3+1 start from 55.000€ and up

Villa from 65.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Konakl:

1+1 start from 30.000€ and up

2+1 start from 35.000€ and up

3+1 start from 45.000€ and up

Villa from 55.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Kleopatra:

1+1 start from 49.000€ and up

2+1 start from 55.000€ and up

3+1 start from 70.000€ and up

Second hand apartment in Bekta / Tepe:

2+1 start from 50.000€ and up

3+1 start from 59.000 € and up

Villa from 70.000€ and up

How much, on the average, does the maintenance of an apartment cost and are there any rent features and aspects that one should be aware of before buying a property in Alanya?

There is no such concept as a rent as such in Turkey. Nevertheless, compulsory payments include real estate tax, municipal tax, and, of course, payments for meters for the use of water and electricity. An important feature of residential complexes in Turkey is the monthly collection of funds from the residents, which is used for maintaining of the complex itself. In Turkey, this collection of funds from the residents is called with the "Aidat" word. In practice, this includes protection of the complex from any harm payments, use of the swimming pool, a garden, and the other amenities, if there are any. Payment of this fee is generally approved at the general meeting of the residents of the residence or a house block. As a rule, it can vary from 30 to 100 euros per month. The price depends on the infrastructure of the complex. Remember that you can always discuss this issue at the meeting of the complex residents, so you can understand it in more detail. We are also ready to help you in understanding of this particular issue.

What are the aspects of the heating system in Alanya?

As a rule, all the new residential buildings in Alanya have modern wiring for the heating radiators and a boiler, but in this particular region of the country, the air conditioners are used more often. It is important to remember that the air temperature in Alanya in winter rarely falls below 10-15 degrees, which will make your stay, life, and relaxation a comfortable and economical experience.

How exactly is kitchen gas supplied in Alanya?

The gas supply in Alana is imported and carried out with the help of installed kitchen gas cylinders of various capacity.

If the property owner is temporarily not in Turkey, how can one pay for utilities?

There are several solutions to this issue. You can leave a necessary amount of money to a trustee who will pay your utility bills in accordane with the accounts. Alternatively, you can open an account with a Turkish bank by setting a certain amount of money on the account in order to make a non-cash debit for utility bills. In order to do this, an agreement with the bank and registration of this particular service is necessary. In the case of buying a property from our company, you can also contact our specialists who will gladly help you to pay the utility bills during your absence in the country.

Is insurance against earthquakes and floods compulsory in Turkey? If so, what are the payments?

In the case with Turkey, it is only an insurance against earthquakes that si compulsory. The cost is about 35 euros per year. Also, for your safety and comfortable living, we recommend purchasing a special insurance package from the cases of fire, theft, flood, hurricane, and other cases of a necessary insurance. The cost of this service depends on the area and the cost of housing. An approximate cost for that is from 80 to 200 euros per year.

Why exactly do they set up the "barrels" on the roofs of many Turkish buildings in Alanya?

Such a solution plays the role of autonomous heating systems. Due to the peculiarities of the region and an absence of a central hot water supply system, this autonomous system allows providing the residents of the city with hot water. In most cases, you will notice that on the roofs of the house there are solar panels installed with either storage or flow-through boilers with electric heating.

Are the real estate objects in Alanya telefonized?

Yes, all the houses in Alanya have been wired with the landline phone connection. The phone itself can be connected for an additional fee by contacting the local communication department in Alanya. We are ready to accompany and advise you on this matter in case of such need.

I need an Internet connection. How to solve this issue?

In order to connect to the Internet, you need to contact the local communications department whose staff will happily solve all the issues for you, will test everything, offer suitable solutions, and, of course, quickly and efficiently provide you with phone connection and Internet.

How long does it take to get an apartment fully equipped with the furniture and appliances?

The process of furnishing an apartment in Alanya is not complicated at all and does not take much time. Alanya is unique in this respect because with a wide variety of shops for every state and budget, taste and needs, the task becomes easy to accomplish! On the average, an apartment in any area of Alanya can be fully equipped with decent furntire and all the necessary equipment within 3-5 days only. At the very same time, the delivery itself, an assembly of furniture, and getting of all the equipment installed and connected is done absolutely for free in Alanya! Our employees cna always help you in terms of required information, offers, options, and will happily advice you on how and where you can achieve your goals and meet your needs in a most profitable and efficient way.

Do foreigners have a right to purchase a car in Turkey?

Yes, you can buy both new and second hand cars in Turkey. You only need to provide your passport and the tax number. The same rules do apply as for foreigners, as for the Turkish residents.

Does one need to have a power of attorney document in Turkey to drive someone's car?

No. According to Turkish legislation, there is no such concept as a power of attorney document for a car. All what you have to do is to have only a valid driver's license and the documents for a car itself.

Can my children go to governmental schools in Turkey? How can it be arranged?

Yes, as foreigners, the kids can go to usual governmental schools in Turkey. They can choose between private schools and the state schools, if they wish so. Contact us, please, to receive more detailed and updated information.

What level of income is necessary for a normal life in Turkey?

Without a doubt, this matter is quite individual and depends on your marital status, kind of activity, needs, and a habitual way of life. We should note that there are several especially expensive categories of goods in Turkey, - namely, gasoline, cigarettes, and alcohol. As for the other areas of living, the prices are either on the same level with the rest of the world or are even significantly lower than the usual norms most of us are used to.

Is it difficult to learn and Master Turkish? What are the possible options for learning?

There are many language schools in Turkey where you can visit and learn Turkish by attending special courses for the foreigners. One of the best language schools is Tmer language school. Still, while being in Alanya and interacting with the friendly and caring locals, it will take you a couple of months to master all the necessary minimum of language skills for communication. Of course, it will depend on your individual skills and a degree of your striving required for learning Turkish with a professional in one of the language schools or at various private language courses.

The staff in the hotels of Alanya is usually fluent in English, German, and even in Russian. What is the situation outside of the hotels?

The situation is like that due to the fact that the Turks are very hospitable people and always try to understand the foreigners and make their staying in the country as comfortable as it is possible. Many residents in Alanya really know how to speak English or at least try to. Leaving the hotel, you will meet the very same people who will be happy to talk to you in their native Turkish, English, or German language. Talking in English or German (or another other language), you will definitely hear several popular and/or greeting phrases in your native language! The situation is so because of numerous foreigners that constantly reside in Alanya. Moreover, you can always remember 30-50 daily use Turkish phrases that will make your stay in the country even more joyful as it will bring up happy smiles on the faces of Turks in Alanya. Yet, even then, do not forget that a lot of people from all over the world live in Turkey without learning any Turkish word and, trust us, they still do well! :) What really matters is to remember that every day of living in Turkey is a great discovery where you will eventually learn to get through this and that with a smile.