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To determine a number of rooms in a future apartment, villa or a house is not such a simple matter and a task as it may seem at first glance. The main criterion of choice is the value of the real estate property and a number of people that are going to live there. However, turning to scrupulous search, there are options coming up that are capable of expanding the scope that was originally set by a buyer in a quite significant way. It is exactly a reason why it is worth highlighting some of the features that can influence the buyer's decision.


The main advantage of one-room apartments is its cost, as well as the lower costs and expenses for electricity. Such kind of apartment is easier to keep clean and tidy. All the rest is a compromise. Speaking of Alanya, an apartment that is "0+1" is exactly a studio apartment that consists of one room that is all there is. Cooking, sleeping, and, most likely, the washing duties will be concentrated in one room. Two people - the recommended maximum for a comfortable stay. We should note that the studio apartments are not so frequent in the real estate market, so they usually fly away like hot cakes as soon as they enter the market!


Two-room or "1+1" apartments are in the lower price segment and are the most attractive for buyers with a modest budget. "One plus one" is a studio and a bedroom. A suitable choice for those who are going to come to Alanya from time to time and are afraid of investing a significant amount in a purchase of an apartment. The main disadvantage here is an area of the apartment. It is very rare that you can meet large "one plus one" apartments in Alanya. The recommended maximum is three people the most.


Two-bedroom apartments known as "2+1" is probably the most profitable option out there. Such apartments can be located as in the middle, as well in the lower price segment, almost not exceeding the cost of two-room options available on the real estate market. The area of two-bedroom apartments is not so limited and can very greatly up to some truly large values. Starting with the apartments known as "two plus one", there are offers with a separate kitchen that are also readily available. The financial component is an only obstacle in choosing of two-bedroom apartments.

Starting with "Three plus One" options, there are two-storey apartments, also known as penthouses. The price segment of these offers is high and very high. However, from time to time, the available options that are closer to the middle price segment may appear for several days. The trick here is not to miss it, and, to have some good luck. Among the negative sides one should not not so easy taking care of such property since one purchases some kind of a mixture of a private house and an apartment since such apartments in Alanya are usually located on the upper floors of the buildings.


The detached houses in Alanya is a crown of the local real estate market. The villas of various modifications are a tasty morsel for the wealthy clients out there who appreciate all the advantages of a private home, the main of which are the presence of some personal area around the private house and a lack of any neighbors behind the walls. Those who appreciate mountainous areas and the crystal clear air will be able to find suitable options in this particular property segment. It is necessary to mention that majority of the villas are located on the outskirts of the city, which makes it possible to buy a separate house at a very favorable price.